Submerge Yourself
in Relaxation
with the
Gentle Giants of the Sea

Guided video meditations with manta rays

When stress and uncertainty are getting the better of you

Stress has many different faces. From low energy and headaches over insomnia to physical discomfort or even getting sick – stress is the last thing you need when the world around you seems to be in chaos.

Turn the Chaos into Calm

Manta rays move with grace and ease – and being in their presence often has a healing effect on people. These video meditations take you into the wonderful world of the gentle giants and let you experience their soothing and rejuvenating vibes – wherever you are.

Stunning Imagery

Expert Meditations

Diverse Themes

Your Guides on this Journey

Amanda Weber

Amanda is a certified meditation teacher and happiness coach. She leads workshops that help people see life and its experiences in new and more nourishing ways. To Amanda the perfect day includes belly laughs with her husband, getting soulful hugs from her three kids, and striving to be the person her Jack Russell Terrier thinks she is. Amanda lives near Toronto, Ontario and is always up for a fair-trade coffee, a chat, or a morning meditation in nature. Combining her love of meditation with Martina’s passion for the ocean has reminded her of the healing power of connection, especially in uncertain times. She hopes you too feel this as you enjoy this digital album.

Martina Wing

Martina Wing is a passionate manta ray advocate, ocean educator, and professional underwater camerawoman. Located in Kona, Hawaii she enjoys teaching others about the beauty our oceans have to offer, and as a divemaster, she guides and films manta tour participants from all walks of life for 20+ years. Martina knows from personal experience how manta rays have a healing effect on people who meet them – both physical and emotional. She is thrilled that through this heartfelt collaboration with Amanda, the beauty and grace of the manta rays will bring you moments of stillness and relaxation we all need in these challenging times.


Each visual guided meditation is under 10 minutes.

Perfect for those with busy, on-the-go lives.

Manta Ray Meditations

The digital album includes 8 video meditations. Gift yourself a relaxing experience and watch the first one for free!


Calm Amidst Chaos – Relaxation in Uncertain Times

Need some instant grounding while the world around you keeps spinning faster and faster? Make yourself comfortable (wherever you are), grab some headphones, make the video full-screen so you don’t get distracted, and hit play. Let the manta rays turn the chaos into calm in a matter of minutes!


Morning Ritual: Begin with Breath

Feeling overwhelmed by the day ahead of you? Begin your day with 4 minutes of relaxed breathing with a manta ray meditation video that will set you up to thrive and not just survive in your day.


From Stress To Success

Feeling tense, irritated, tired or anxious? Release the stress response in your body and tap into its antidote; Rest, Digest & Heal. This is an easy guided meditation to practice in the middle of a busy day.


Finding Calm with Gratitude

Seeing everything in a negative light? It doesn’t have to be this way by turning towards gratitude. Gratitude is a healing emotion that has been proven to boost the immune system, increase empathy and strengthen relationships This guided practice helps you engage the healing benefits of gratitude.


Midday Balance Break

Having a busy and stressful day? This short yet powerful guided video meditation is the perfect pick-me-up. In 3 minutes, we bring coherence to your head and heart. Scientifically proven to settle your nervous system, this balance break is perfect for any time of the day!


Connecting to Joy

Joy helps you feel emotionally happier, but it also strengthens your immune system and relaxes your nervous system. This short guided visual meditation will help you connect to joy and all its benefits!


Restful Sleep

Preparing for a restful sleep can help you not only to fall asleep but to rest more comfortably. This relaxation exercise, done with your eyes closed, helps you release the worries of the day and relax your nervous system. You may fall asleep before it’s done!


Ocean Embrace (Music & Video only)

Focusing on the ease and grace with which the manta rays move about their ocean playground, along with the calming music in this track will bring you out of your busy head and into a state of calm. This video is perfect to share with a partner or your kids.


Dive in and join manta rays along the coast of Hawaii

– from the comfort of your home or office.

Are you ready to find some calm amidst chaos?

Watch and listen to the meditations in any order. Listen to one each day, or all of them.

Let the manta rays guide your heart towards a more peaceful way of living, even if you feel more insecure and unclear than ever.