Manta Ray moonlight swim in Kona, Hawaii

The transformational, educational and sustainable experience of a lifetime

A Life-Changing Adventure

Swimming with giant manta rays at night is a unique adventure that truly transforms any person who experiences it. Yes, most visitors spend these magical moments at overcrowded viewing sites, with several dozen other snorkelers and divers blocking their view, and unregulated boat traffic making the situation less than safe for humans and manta rays alike.

At Manta Ray Advocates, we offer an exclusive and animal-friendly snorkel adventure to guests who want to experience the true magic of the manta rays.

What Makes Our Manta Ray Snorkel Experience Unique?

Environmentally sensitive

At Manta Ray Advocates, the mantas always come first.

We adhere to strict guidelines to make sure the manta rays don’t get disturbed by our presence.

We approach the mantas from the beach, an eco-friendly alternative to sighting boats.

Safety First

Swimming with manta rays should be completely safe, for the mantas as well as for you.

With 50+ years of combined experience, we know how important it is to brief you on safety before we start – and we only work with top-notch equipment.

Private Setting

Instead of getting on a boat to a busy viewing area, we go in from a white sandy beach and swim to where the manta rays are feeding. Read more about the location here!

We work with small groups of up to 6 people so we can make the experience highly educational and enjoyable for everyone.

All group participants need to meet the following prerequisites: 

These prerequisites apply to ALL guests on our manta ray group tours. They are important for the safety and satisfaction of all guests; don’t be the person who ruins or diminishes the experience for the whole group!

Each participant will also need to sign a waiver to acknowledge these prerequisites upon booking. 

Please reach out if you have questions about your personal situation.

#1 You are at ease when swimming in the ocean

Swimming in the ocean can be scary enough during the day for the inexperienced swimmer; for our Moonlight Manta Ray Swim Experience, we enter the water at night, in the dark, surrounded by giant fish and other marine life.

It’s important that you not only know how to swim, but feel confident in the ocean so you can fully focus on the experience, instead of worrying about staying afloat.

#2 You have snorkeled in the ocean in the past year

Snorkeling is no rocket science, but it takes a bit of practice to get comfortable in your snorkeling gear. While we’re in the ocean in the dark, you’ll want to enjoy the experience instead of fiddling around with equipment from the first big wave.

Read our essential safety tips for snorkeling with manta rays on this page.

#3 You are at least 12 years old

While most other tour operators allow younger children to come along, we no longer do. In our experience, many children have trouble focusing during the safety briefing – and we’ve had our share of children getting scared in the dark ocean at night.

Read more here about why we raised the minimum age to 12 years old!

#4 You don't have underlying health conditions

While we do what we can to keep the manta ray snorkel experience safe for everyone involved, there are some additional risks involved for participants dealing with e.g. cardiovascular conditions, respiratory problems, or different abilities.

If this applies to you or one of the guests in your party, contact us before booking for personalised advice. In some cases, we may invite you to book a private experience instead.

#5 You can speak and understand English

Before and during the experience, guides need to be able to give instructions and receive feedback from all participants directly – we don’t always have time to wait for a translator in the group.

If you have questions or would like to explore the possibility of a private tour, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Book a Manta Ray Night Snorkel in Kona, Hawaii

Interested in joining us for a moonlight swim with manta rays?

  1. See our availability – and choose a day and time that fit your travel schedule
  2. As soon as you’ve booked and paid, we’ll send you an email confirmation

We can’t wait to welcome you… so you can meet the mantas!

Your Guides on the Manta Ray Snorkel Adventure

Swimming in the ocean at night with large fish is an exceptional journey, not only for our guests – but also for our team. Each of us is passionate about the ocean and manta rays, and we can’t wait to share that passion with you!

Our experienced swimming guides are here to keep you safe and help you get the most out of your moonlight swim with the manta rays.

  • All our guides have a lifeguard certification, which includes first aid
  • Our team has a steady communication loop, which allows us to adjust to different group dynamics and changing ocean conditions
  • We pride ourself on our exceptional customer service and focus on safety

A seasoned team, headed by Martina Wing

Martina is a passionate manta ray advocate and ocean educator. She lives in Kailua-Kona (Hawaii) and has been swimming with manta rays for several decades: first as an underwater camerawoman accompanying boat tours, now heading her own company.

She is the most experienced manta ray guide along the Kona coast, and there isn’t much she hasn’t seen. She runs a tight ship, knowing what works best for manta rays and guests. It brings her joy to share her passion and knowledge with her all-female crew through both storytelling and hands-on training.

Martina’s all about raising awareness and spreading knowledge about the gentle giants of the sea, so we can protect them from harm – and so people can experience mantas (online and in real life) for generations to come.

One of the most amazing experiences a human can have. And one manta ray flicked its wing and hit me on the hand – it was unexpected and so exciting. Made me feel blessed to be so fortunate. A wonderful antidote to negativity bias!

- Cory Parker

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a guide? Can’t I do this on my own?

There are 3 reasons why you need a guide:

  1. Our experienced guides provide you with a safety briefing and protect you from currents, jellyfish, sharp lava rock and coral, sea urchins, rogue waves, and other potential nighttime dangers in the ocean.
  2. Swimming in the ocean at night requires planning and proper equipment; we work with top-notch gear including safety lights and swim vests.
  3. We also show you how to passively interact with the manta rays so they aren’t frightened or injured by your presence – and so we don’t interrupt their natural behavior while they feed.

How long does the manta ray moonlight swim take?

We start with a safety briefing and share our insights about the manta rays, the ocean, and other marine life you may encounter. The activity takes about 75-90 minutes in total, of which 30-40 minutes are spent in the water.

What can I do to prepare for swimming with manta rays?

If you haven’t done so yet, download our Guide to Swimming with Manta Rays to learn about the guidelines for interacting with marine life and other safety tips.

Once you sign up for a Manta Ray Moonlight Snorkel with us, you will be sent additional information via email. Read through it, share it with family and friends who are joining for the experience, and review it at least a couple of days before the experience.

Between the time you book and the day of the experience, we recommend you practice snorkeling. You can do this by yourself (you can rent snorkeling gear) or by joining a day snorkel trip. We offer a refresher class to re-familiarize yourself with snorkeling, how to use your gear, and troubleshoot problems; this refresher class is mandatory if you haven’t snorkeled in the ocean in the past year. Find more information and book the class through on this page.

      What do I need to bring - and what do you provide?

      Read more here about what equipment you need to swim with mantas.

      We can supply you with a high-quality mask/snorkel set, fins, a safety flotation vest, and towels – or you can use your own if you prefer.
      We do not offer prescription masks (Rx masks) or wetsuits, but those are available in local snorkel gear rental stores.

      Please bring your own swimsuit and swimshirt.

      You will be floating still in the water for about 30 minutes. The water temperature is usually around 78-82 degrees Fahrenheit (21-25 degrees Celsius); most of our guests feel they do not require a wetsuit.

      There is a freshwater shower for convenience after the swim, restrooms, and changing rooms.

      What is your cancellation policy?

      If we need to cancel the moonlight swim: 

      Especially during the winter months, ocean conditions can force us to cancel our moonlight swim. We keep you updated by text and email so you’ll know as soon as we know. We will do our best to reschedule the event; if that’s not an option, you will receive a full refund.  

      If you need to cancel: 

      If you notify us 24 hours (or more) before the activity starts, you will receive a full refund. Keep an eye out for our acknowledgement of your cancellation; if you do not hear back from us, please follow up! 

      If you cancel within 24 hours before the start of the activity, we do our best to fill your space – but you will not be refunded if we cannot. 

      If you arrive late to the tour, or not at all, you are considered a “no show” and will be charged the full amount. Please be mindful of time zones when booking! 

      We do not offer reimbursement if you drop out before the end of the activity. 


      You can download our full cancellation policy here (PDF).

      Can I gift the manta swim to a friend, or book a tour for someone else?

      A manta snorkel experience is a lovely idea to gift to others, but not everyone meets the prerequisites. 

      It is important that every participant signs their own liability waiver – indicating they have the required snorkel experience and are in good health. 

      If you surprise someone, they might not have the skills needed for successful participation – or it may turn out they’re not keen on going into the dark ocean at night to swim with giant fish. It wouldn’t be the first time this happens! This is not only a big disappointment for everyone involved, but you also can’t get a refund if someone ends up not being able to participate. 

      Do you guarantee manta ray sightings?

      While the moonlight snorkel adventure at this viewing site offers one of the best chances to experience manta rays in their natural environment, it’s important to remember that manta rays are wild animals. Many factors influence their presence, and those can change rapidly.

      We do our best to forecast the likelihood of seeing mantas by sharing the sighting success of the prior nights, but there is still no guarantee of mantas showing up (much like whale-watching or fishing).

      If the manta rays do not appear, we do not offer a refund, a discount, or a rain check. 99% of participants leave exhilarated by the experience nonetheless; even if the mantas don’t show up, there is plenty of other marine life to encounter! 

      Download our policy statement (PDF) for a more detailed answer.

      Where exactly does the activity take place?

      There are 3 recognized manta ray viewing sites along the Kona coast in Hawaii. Read all about the different sites on this page!

      While the other two locations are accessible by boat, boats are not allowed at the Manta Point location, where we operate. We walk directly into the water from a sandy beach at the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel. This makes for a unique and relaxing experience, far from the crowds and boat traffic at the public viewing sites. 

      We meet at the activity kiosk on the beach for a briefing and preparations before we go into the water; you will receive full directions by email after you book.

      Got more questions?

      Feel free to contact us by calling 808-987-5580 or emailing

      If you’re looking to book a swim with us (or you’ve booked already), our team is best reached from 9 AM – 3 PM Hawaiian Standard Time.

      We are happy to help Monday to Saturday – Closed on Sundays, July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve.

      Click here for the World Clock to clarify time zones.

      Where to Stay

      Kona Coast Vacation Rentals

      We offer three different holiday rentals on our property in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. We love sharing our passion for manta rays and interacting with guests, but we also give you the privacy you desire.

      Mauna Kea Beach Resort

      Looking for all-inclusive accommodations? We start our moonlight swims on the private beach of the legendary Mauna Kea Beach Resort. This is for you if you want luxury & relaxation.

      What They Are Saying


      Martina, Thank you so much for the amazing Manta experience on my 60th birthday. I truly appreciate the video you made for us and will never forget you!

      Sylvia & Mark

      Wonderful support building self-confidence through education and guidance … the manta rays are truly one of the most beautiful and elegant creatures I have ever seen … it was like watching an underwater concert with the silent music being their graceful euphoric movements. Thank you!


      WOW!  We have just looked at the footage of our manta adventure and are reliving the moments!  What an awesome memory for us to have!  Thank you!


      We were so pleasantly surprised and really DO think differently of mantas.  They are beautiful.  Your team was so informative and fun.  We have already recommended you to two different sets of people who are going to book.  Thank you for all you do for this graceful species.


      Thanks Martina! We’re so glad we did this! Definitely the highlight of our vacation!!


      Thanks so much for the tour, it’s amazing to be close to these gentle giants.


      One of the most amazing experiences a human can have. And one flicked its wing and hit me on the hand – it was unexpected and so exciting. Made me feel blessed to be so fortunate. A wonderful antidote to negativity bias!


      Our group were so privileged to have the experience with you and the manta rays last September and the memories sustain us during this COVID crisis. Hope you and yours are staying healthy. Australia seems to be doing well so far with strict requirements but time will tell.


      Having fallen in love with the Manta Rays a few years ago, we continue to enjoy Martina’s updates and continuing education. She is as wonderful as the beautiful creatures that she works so hard to protect.


      The manta was so peaceful to watch. It was a pleasure to meet James! We also enjoy reading your interesting emails. We admire your advocacy for the mantas.


      Everyone I show my Manta Dive video to is in awe. We have opened staff meetings with it at our substance abuse and mental health program. It is very relaxing and tends to put everything in perspective.


      What a magical evening! Thank you for your passion for these wonderful animals and for teaching us about them. It was an amazing experience.


      Their majesty was breathtaking and the sizes are incredible to be next to! I’ll never forget it. I am looking forward to continuing to learn more about the gentle giants by following Manta Ray Advocates.

      Know what you’re getting into

      Download our guide to swimming with manta rays in Hawaii.

      Ready for the adventure of a lifetime?

      Pick a day and time that fits your travel schedule.

      As soon as you’ve booked, you get access to all the information you need to prepare.

      We can’t wait to meet you… so you can meet the mantas!

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