Meet Manta Ray Advocates James & Martina Wing

Educating the world about the gentle giants of the oceans

Manta rays are beautiful and majestic animals that have a life-changing effect on people who meet them. We’ve only just begun to uncover their many mysteries. 

But manta rays are becoming threatened and could even face extinction if nothing improves. Pollution, badly regulated tourism activities, and prejudices about the gentle giants of the sea do nothing to help that. 

We’re James and Martina James Wing, and we’re the driving forces behind Manta Ray Advocates. We want to reach as many people as possible to raise awareness and spread knowledge about manta rays.

James Wing

Underwater cameraman at heart, James founded “Dolphin Dreams Imaging” (and today’s Manta Ray Advocates) in 1991.  He was the first photographer for the manta ray dive at Manta Village (Keauhou) and established Manta Heaven (airport) in 1999.

When he retired from diving and filming in 2014, he pivoted from production and created the manta ray moonlight swim program with the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel.

He’s a PADI master diving instructor, ocean educator, and loves sharing his in-depth knowledge about manta rays. His field-experience with the gentle giants along the Kona Coast is unmatched.

Martina Wing

Martina is a passionate manta ray advocate, ocean educator, and underwater camerawoman. She’s all about raising awareness and spreading knowledge about the gentle giants of the sea, so we can better protect them from harm – and people will be able to experience manta rays (online and in real life) for generations to come.

Her love for the mysterious manta rays inspired her to teach other people about marine life and other wonders taking place in our oceans.

Martina has been filming manta rays (and other underwater stories), as well as guiding people who come to swim with the gentle giants in Hawaii for over 20 years now. She’s published a children’s book about Notch, the Rescued Dolphin, co-created a series of video meditations with manta rays, and resources for primary school teachers based on Notch’s story

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What we do

We share information about manta rays – with articles on this website, an ebook about manta rays that you can download for free, and a biweekly newsletter

We raise awareness and educate the public about safe and sustainable ways to enjoy the rich marine life around Hawaii. We founded Hawaii Ocean Watch and we distribute a (free) guide to inform people about swimming with manta rays along the coast of Kona on the Big Island. 

And if you cannot travel to the mantas, we’ll have the mantas come to you – check out our guided video meditations with manta rays and experience their profound effect from wherever you are.

We also guide our own manta ray activities – during our manta moonlight swim, we approach the manta rays from the beach, for an experience that’s completely safe, highly educational, and (of course) very respectful of the manta rays we encounter in their natural environment. You can combine your visit to Hawaii with a stay at our Airbnb vacation rental as well

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