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Manta Ray Advocates
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

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“E Komo Mai” – Welcome!

I am Martina Wing and I’d love to share my passion for the mantas with you.

Dive underwater and meet one of the most graceful sea creatures in existence.

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What They Are Saying

  • Martina, Thank you so much for the amazing Manta experience on my 60th birthday. I truly appreciate the video you made for us and will never forget you!
    Olga Ribble
  • Wonderful support building self-confidence through education and guidance ... the manta rays are truly one of the most beautiful and elegant creatures I have ever seen ... it was like watching an underwater concert with the silent music being their graceful euphoric movements Thank you!
    Square Customer
  • WOW!  We have just looked at the footage of our manta adventure and are reliving the moments!  What an awesome memory for us to have!  Thank you!
    Loretta Mclaughlin
  • We were so pleasantly surprised and really DO think differently of mantas.  They are beautiful.  Your team was so informative and fun.  We have already recommended you to two different sets of people who are going to book.  Thank you for all you do for this graceful species.
    Susan Kurnick
  • Thanks Martina! We’re so glad we did this! Definitely the highlight of our vacation!!
    Bill Sacia
  • Thanks so much for the tour, it's amazing to be close to these gentle giants.
  • One of the most amazing experiences a human can have. And one flicked its wing and hit me on the hand – it was unexpected and so exciting. Made me feel blessed to be so fortunate. A wonderful antidote to negativity bias!
    Cory Parker
  • Our group were so privileged to have the experience with you and the manta rays last September and the memories sustain us during this Covid crisis. Hope you and yours are staying healthy. Australia seems to be doing well so far with strict requirements but time will tell.
    Denise Gardner
  • Having fallen in love with the Manta Rays a few years ago, we continue to enjoy Martina’s updates and continuing education. She is as wonderful as the beautiful creatures that she works so hard to protect.
    Carrie (Seattle)
  • The manta was so peaceful to watch. It was a pleasure to meet James! We also enjoy reading your interesting emails. We admire your advocacy for the mantas.
    Caroline (Idaho)
  • Loved the book about Notch’s rescue! Unashamed tears rolled down my face. Of course I have seen your famous video and will certainly order more for the grandchildren!
    Karen (Hawaii)
  • Everyone I show my Manta Dive video to is in awe. We have opened staff meetings with it at our substance abuse and mental health program. It is very relaxing and tends to put everything in perspective.
    Joseph (North Carolina)
  • What a magical evening! Thank you for your passion for these wonderful animals and teaching us about them. It was an amazing experience.
    Jill (Missouri)
  • Their majesty was breathtaking and the sizes are incredible to be next to! I’ll never forget it. I am looking forward to continuing to learn more about the gentle giants by following Manta Ray Advocates.
    Mallory (Illinois)

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