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Online Underwater Photography and Videography Course for Beginners

Each dive is a unique experience.
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Snorkeling and scuba diving in the sea or the ocean make for amazing experiences every single time. And you’re not the first to want to take those memories home with you afterward.

But suppose you don’t know what equipment you need, how to prepare properly, and what to pay attention to once you’re in the water. In that case, you may end up like many others: gigabytes of failed pictures, hours of unusable footage, or even losing your camera or cell phone forever to the ocean’s depth.

If you’re just getting started with underwater photography or videography, then this is the course for you.

what you’ll learn in this Underwater Photography course

Equipment& Gear

Know about types of cameras you can use (there’s no need to buy a special underwater camera, but you might want to!), what housing you’ll need, and how it fits in with your snorkeling and scuba gear.

Being Prepared

Success lies in thorough preparation. Learn how to analyze the situation before you even go into the water, so you know what to expect once you’re in the water.

Taking Great Pictures

There are many aspects to taking stunning underwater pictures and videos. From safety over knowing what to look for to find the right angle – I’ve got you covered.

I need the sea because it teaches me.

~Pablo Neruda

Your Guide on this Journey

Martina Wing

Martina is a professional underwater camerawoman. She has been guiding guests to swim with manta rays for over twenty years and sharing the footage with them afterward. She takes her camera into the ocean almost every day and loves to showcase the beauty of it all – give people a peak underneath the surface.

She’s seen many guests trying and struggling to take their own videos and pictures of marine life. She’s created this course to help them avoid the most common mistakes – and take great pictures from the get-go.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of camera do I need for this course?

We’ll go through the different types of cameras that can be used underwater, and the main aspect is that you should not spend too much money when you start out.

Do I need a certain level in “surface photography” before I can start taking pictures underwater?

No, you don’t; taking pictures underwater is very different from surface photography, so if you’re an experienced photographer already, you might need to let go of a few things you know… so you can learn the specifics of underwater photography.

How long will it take me to get through this course?

The course is divided into 3 modules, with 2-4 video lessons each. Just watching all the videos in a single session would take a bit over an hour.

You will also find some useful links, additional downloads and you might want to try things out while you watch or in between lessons!

Will I learn how to edit the footage?

This course won’t show you how to use video editing software. There are plenty of simple (free) tutorials online though!

Will this allow me to become a professional underwater camera person?

If you aspire to be a professional underwater videographer or photographer, then this is definitely the first step to take. To become a professional, you’ll need many hours practicing in the water!

Will I learn to take pictures (photos) or videos?

At the end of this course, you’ll know how to take either – or both.

what you’ll get if you sign up for the course


I’m creating short and simple videos about all the topics you’ll need to know about. These are not just videos of a PowerPoint presentation: I’ll show you what I use and how I do things in real life.

Extra Materials

Some modules come with PDF downloadables, useful links, or checklists. Share your feedback to add more useful materials along the way. 


I’ll be available via email to answer your questions about the lessons, and I can’t wait to see your first stunning underwater footage!

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