Rash Guard Swim Shirt

  • Soft
  • Performance fit
  • Upf 50+ for fun in the sun
  • Long lasting
  • Fast drying / breathable
  • Long sleeves
  • SOFT
  • PERFORMANCE FIT – Designed for the active man, this rashguard is designed to have a snug fit so that it doesn’t get in the way when swimming or paddling or surfing. Comfortable to wear under a wetsuit or another shirt for added warmth. If you are rocking the dad bod (I know I am), and want a slightly looser fit order a size up!
  • UPF 50+ for FUN IN THE SUN – Hate putting on sunscreen and then having to reapply it every 40 minutes if you are in the water? With this swim shirt you get all day sun protection. If you are out on a boat or being active, reapplying sunblock is a pain in the arse. So don’t be the guy who looks like a lobster because you forget to put on sunblock and you didn’t buy this rash guard.
  • LONG LASTING – We use an 6oz Fabric that is 83% polyester and 17% spandex. The heavier weight fabric helps it last longer compared to our competitors who use a 4oz. So if you are using it for BJJ these will also mean you have to buy fewer of them from being torn up.
  • FAST DRYING / BREATHABLE – The fabric is breathable and fast drying as it wicks moisture away from your skin. So whether you are looking for just a shirt to wear on the beach or snorkeling or swimming or you are looking for a good base layer, this rash guard will fit the bill.
  • LONG SLEEVES – NO MORE FARMERS TAN – I mean if you are going to cover up to protect yourself from the sun, you might as well actually cover up right? This long sleeve rash guard won’t be much warmer than a short sleeve one, and you get the added benefit of less sunblock and no more unsightly tan lines. So not only will you look better in the short term with no tan lines, you will look better in the long term by keeping your skin healthier. This rash guard for men will also fit boys

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