Teach the GLOs with Notch, the Rescued Dolphin

Free resource for teachers of grades 1-6

Your free download includes:

  • 1x Choice Board, set up with Google Docs and Google Forms for easy integration into Google Classroom
  • 3x videos by author and ocean advocate Martina Wing
  • Different activities for each General Learner Outcome
  • Additional resources about the book characters (marine animals) and the story of Notch

Teaching General Learner Outcomes (GLOs) to grades one through six does not need to be boring or overwhelming!

Notch is a bottlenose dolphin in Hawaii who was rescued by scuba divers after being entangled in fishing line in 2013. Underwater videographer Martina Wing turned this story into a children’s book in 2013, and together with veteran teacher Maurianne Nohejl she developed it into a fun and engaging resource to teach the GLOs to children.

The story of a one-of-a-kind dolphin rescue helps to teach children about trust, love, hope, and protecting the environment.

While you don’t need to purchase the book to download and use the GLO resources, you can find out more about the children’s book here.

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