Are Manta Rays Territorial?

by | Sep 30, 2019 | About Manta Rays

Do we see the same manta rays all the time?” is one of the most frequently asked questions we get during our briefing time for the manta swim.

Mantas are still mysterious creatures and not much is known about their movements as they are constantly swimming (i.e. always “on the go”), so in this video blog post we go deep to explore the question, “Are mantas territorial or migratory?”

This fun and informative 12-minute video pulls in some spectacular footage of manta rays from our archive.

You will discover:

  • How we ID each manta ray [0:40]
  • The two species of mantas [1:35]
  • How long we’ve seen Lefty and Big Bertha along the Kona Coast [2:14]
  • Existing manta viewing areas on the Big Island [3:23]
  • Available manta statistics [4:01]
  • Distances between the viewing areas [4:13]
  • Recent sightings and movements observed of:
    Lou Lou Ray [5:52]
    Jolene Ray and her record-breaking swim [6:28]
    Vitor Ray [7:32]
    Obama Ray [8:15]
    and Lehua Ray [9:17]

…and don’t miss the eye candy at [10:22] from a dive with over 25 mantas!!

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