Be a Carrier of Kindness

by | Mar 31, 2020 | Ocean Advocacy

It’s very hard to wrap your head around the changes the world has seen since our last post about the Coronavirus in Hawaii.

Besides adapting to a new “normal” almost daily, many feelings have bubbled up: confusion, uncertainty, denial, sadness, grief, and anger (to name just a few feelings, to be honest).

And although I’m not angry, I’m definitely shocked how fast the Hawaiian government restricted our daily life and that tourism has come to a screeching halt. Read more about the current stay-at-home orders in Hawaii.

Here on the Big Island:

  • No one knows how long this order will last.
  • We know the entire world is affected by the Corona Virus.
  • Nothing is the same anymore.


This reminded me of two other chapters in my life when nothing was the same anymore:

  1. May 1997 (My first husband died of Leukemia)
  2. June 2013 (I was diagnosed with breast cancer)

I’m no expert in the field of psychology, but these were two big “T’s”, meaning big traumatic experiences. I worked through them and got to the other side.

As an “encourager” by nature, I’m always looking for a silver lining.

Everything is temporary and collectively, we will get through the uncertain times of the Corona Virus.

We may not “be together,” but we are “in this together.”

I find comfort from the past knowing better times are ahead and you hear of so many beautiful stories of solidarity, unity and kindness.

We will learn from this and be wiser for future generations.

Here is the perfect quote to bring the best of humanity together.

Be a carrier of kindness, just like the mantas

Back in 1998 when I met the manta rays for the first time, I was humbled and in awe of their beauty and grace. Being in their presence was powerful and life-changing.

It was mesmerizing to watch their fluid angel-like movements. Combine this movement with their size and that they are harmless creatures, the close-up encounter was the perfect mixture to touch my heart. It started a healing process from a big “T”.

Over the years I’ve heard similar remarks from MANY of our manta swim participants and former guest Cory summed it up beautifully:

“One of the most amazing experiences a human can have. And one flicked its wing and hit me on the hand – it was unexpected and so exciting. Made me feel blessed to be so fortunate. A wonderful antidote to negativity bias!”

There are tough weeks ahead of us, but I want to encourage you to be contagious with kindness, patience, love, enthusiasm and a positive attitude to the people far and wide.

Let’s be like a manta ray!

Warmest Aloha


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