Great Gift Ideas for Manta Ray Lovers

Dec 6, 2021 | Personal Stories

If you are shopping for someone who loves manta rays, we found some thoughtful gifts that are guaranteed to bring a smile to their face.

This list of ten unique gift ideas contains great options for manta ray lovers of all ages!

1. Fun Manta Ray Face Masks for Kids & Adults

If you have to wear a face mask, you should wear one that you like, right?! Plus, face masks make a great stocking stuffer – and we all can use a new one at this point in the pandemic!

Kids can show their love for manta rays all over their faces with these manta ray masks made especially for them!

Buy a manta ray face mask for kids here




We didn’t want to leave out the people who prefer gaiter-style masks, so we found a manta ray gaiter that can also be worn as a bandana!

Buy a manta ray gaiter-style mask here



2. Show How Much You Care with Special Manta Ray Jewelry

Sterling Silver Hawaiian Manta Ray Dangle Earrings, A4116 Hawaii Treasures Jewelry


Beautiful dangle sterling silver manta ray earrings are a fun accessory with a classy look. They are guaranteed to be noticed by others – so the recipient can be ready to talk about their love of manta rays!

Buy a manta ray dangle earrings here


Handmade Manta Ray Glass Blown Pendant NecklaceA glass-blown pendant manta ray necklace is another stand-out piece that will add some flare to an outfit. It is handmade and hand-painted, so each pendant will look slightly different.

Buy a manta ray necklace here



Cape Clasp Manta Ray Bracelet (Bronze)Support the Blue Sphere Foundation by gifting this casual manta ray bracelet that not only looks great but 15% of the profits go toward the protection of threatened marine species and habitats!

Buy a manta ray bracelet here


3. Learn all about Manta and Devil Rays


Guide to the Manta & Devil Rays of the World

The Guide to the Manta and Devil Rays of the World by Guy Stephens, Daniel Fernando, Marc Dando, and Giuseppe Notarbartolo Di Sciara, is an excellent resource for learning about manta and devil rays. It’s a comprehensive, easy-to-understand field guide that includes 200 captivating photos and drawings.


This book is a perfect way to learn more about the intriguing, amazing manta and devil rays.

Buy the book here



4. Keep Your Feet Warm with Manta Ray Socks


Whimsical manta ray socks will spice up and add a layer of fun to any outfit!

Buy manta ray socks here


5. Bring a Manta Ray Towel on a Manta Ray Dive


The perfect accompaniment for a manta ray dive is a manta ray beach towel – especially one with a bright and fun design! And, an ultra-absorbent towel that dries faster than most towels and doesn’t attract sand will be even more appreciated following a dive.

Buy a manta ray towel here


6. Meditate with Manta Rays

Find peace and relaxation through eight guided meditations with manta rays. The stunning underwater imagery along with the graceful movements of manta rays leads you to a quiet, healing sense of calmness.

→ Where to buy it: directly from us


7. Cutest Manta Ray Stuffed Animals

Manta Ray Inspired Gift IdeasOur friend Everly loves her manta ray!

A soft, realistic, cuddly stuffed manta ray is perfect for any animal and stuffed animal lover! Plus, this stuffed animal contains an eco-friendly fill made of recycled water bottles, so it is great for environmentalists as well!

Buy a manta ray stuffed animal here



8. Gift Ideas to Decorate Your Home with Manta Rays

Manta-themed ornaments are perfect for an ocean animal-lovers Christmas tree! Even better to have different designs!

Buy a manta ray ornament here , here, or here


9. Teach Children about Manta Rays and their Habitats

Teach children about dolphins, manta rays, and their habitats, so children learn how to be great stewards of the ocean.

Notch, the Rescued Dolphin is the true, touching story of Notch, a dolphin who is playing with his family when he gets caught in a fishing line. Notch searches for help and encounters several other marine animals on his journey.

The book also contains important messages for children about empowerment and preserving the environment.

→ Where to buy it: buy the hardcover version directly from us – or the Kindle version on Amazon.


10. Prepare properly with the Box Jellyfish Calendar

Kona Manta Rays calendar 2024 We are thrilled to share this compilation of heartfelt stories about the Kona manta rays simply because, to us, they are not just fish but have names and personalities. Plus, we want to increase awareness about the monthly higher probability of seeing box jellyfish along Hawaii’s leeward (west) and south shores. The phenomenon occurs about 8-10 days after the full moon every month. This wall calendar will show you when to anticipate the influx of box jellyfish.

Let the gentle giants guide you through 2024, a year full of important decisions for the environment and the future of our planet.
Stay informed and engaged, take action, and be the voice for the voiceless.

→ Where to buy it: directly from us 




We hope you enjoy looking at these manta ray gift options as much as we enjoyed creating this list! We wish you a happy, safe, peaceful holiday season!


If you’re thinking about booking a manta ray activity, don’t miss our guide for swimming with manta rays in Hawaii. It’ll answer all your questions about equipment, prerequisites, safety, sustainability, and much more.

It’s a great FREE resource for anyone who’s getting ready to experience the manta rays firsthand.



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