Dramatic Manta Rescue

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We had a lot of fun a few days ago as the naming contest for the newly identified manta ray came to an end. We revealed it during our weekly Facebook (FB) Live and his name is “PU’UWAI”, which means “Heart” in Hawaiian.

With over 50 HEART-felt submissions, it just felt right to name this pup Pu’uwai, and for all of you that have experienced mantas, didn’t they touch your HEART as well?

They certainly blessed me so many years ago! … and Happy Dance, this is the 52nd manta ray we named and I thoroughly enjoyed the naming process.

Thanks for participating!

Click here if you want to catch the replay about the announcement along with acknowledgment of the 2nd and 3rd places, plus honorable mentions.

(Facebook Live is an incredible communication platform to bring more awareness about the manta rays and marine life in Kona, Hawaii. We are live every Wednesday via this link at 11 AM HST – typically 3 hours behind the west coast and 6 hours behind the east coast of the United States.)

Last Wednesday we talked about the best travel times to see the mantas, so if you are in any planning stages to come and visit soon, check out my breakdown of the best months to see the mantas based on

  • Ocean conditions
  • Busy/slow times
  • Sightings statistics

Dramatic Manta Rescue – Manta Caught in Camera Equipment

Recently, a young male manta named Nick Ray, got caught in camera equipment which prompted a dramatic rescue by dive masters Kevin Stewart and Sandy Hammel. This all happened during the Manta Dive at “Manta Heaven” (airport location).

We caught up with those two for a short interview. Both of them have important messages for everyone participating in the activity, especially for someone who brings any camera equipment.

This is a really critical issue and a problem we have encountered increasingly over the last few years.

This heart-wrenching rescue was so avoidable.

Taking pictures underwater is NOT EASY plus the added low light situation during the night dive!

I always wonder why people don’t just take in the beauty and grace that they encounter.

It is so special.

After all my dives with big camera equipment, I feel obligated to raise awareness of the importance of proper etiquette and to stay in passive interaction with the mantas.

I am sure you feel the same so come on over and check out this manta rescue video.

It does have a happy ending.

In the spirit of “Do No Harm”, please share this video post so we can reach and educate more people about what happened.

Amanda Ray


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