Swimming with Manta Rays – COVID-19 Precautions

by | Oct 20, 2020 | Hawaii Travel

After being closed for several months following the outbreak of COVID-19, Hawaii has opened up its doors for travelers again through the pre-travel program and we are excited to resume operations for our moonlight manta ray swim at the beautiful Mauna Kea Beach Hotel.


We are thrilled that you can come and enjoy Hawaii once again. It’s our hope that travelers recognize how hard Hawaii has worked and sacrificed to mitigate the impact of the pandemic. Looking ahead, we are proceeding with optimism and caution, and humbly ask that our visitors do so, too.

With COVID-19 safety measures in place, we want to share the precautions we at Manta Ray Advocates are taking to keep all guests and staff safe and healthy, and to minimize exposure to the Coronavirus.

1. Snorkeling Equipment

Recommendation: bring your own mask and snorkel

We want to encourage you to bring your own mask and snorkel as this is the BEST way to reduce the risks. Check out this article about the equipment we recommend for snorkeling with manta rays. Buying your own mask/snorkel set is only a small investment – and you can take them with you on other snorkeling expeditions during this Hawaii holiday and many others to come.

Renting snorkeling equipment with us

If you cannot bring your own mask and snorkel set, then rest assured that our equipment will be thoroughly sanitized with approved solutions per CDC guidelines.

We will offer fins in various sizes, whether you bring your own mask/snorkel or not.

2. Meeting up and preparations

Our moonlight manta swim is only available for small groups of up to 6 participants per session.

We meet up by the beach shack (you’ll get directions when you sign up!) – with plenty of space to maintain social distancing.

You will find hand washing stations and hand sanitizer right by the beach shack; please use them upon arrival – or at any other time you feel necessary.

Everyone needs to uphold a distance of 6 feet while we meet, greet, and prepare for the tour.

Please wear a face covering as recommended by the CDC while we are together; those should only be removed when you switch to your snorkeling mask.

3. While swimming with manta rays

Once we enter the water, we’ll always stay together as a group, and participants from the same household can be close to each other. Others will maintain a distance of 6 feet.

It’s great to know and as the CDC states: “There is no evidence that SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, can spread to people through water [in swim areas in oceans, lakes, and other natural bodies of water].”

Family with snorkel equipment ready to swim with the manta rays
The whole family is excited to go swimming with the manta rays

Our Commitment: Safety First

Again, our team of Manta Ray Advocates is fully committed to preserving and promoting the health and safety of our employees and guests.

If at any time during the preparations, during the swim or afterward you run into an issue or encounter something that could be improved upon, please let us know as soon as possible – and help us reduce risks of infection of Covid-19 and make swimming with manta rays fun and safe for everyone.


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