Shark Underwater Photobomb

by | Jun 9, 2019 | Underwater Photography & Filmography

Happy World Oceans Day! Today is a great day to share perhaps the finest underwater photobomb ever involving a frogfish and a shark!

Let it also be a fun lesson on how you can miss what’s most important if you concentrate too much on the small stuff.

Meet Daniel Windberg, a fellow German and professional scuba instructor here in Kona (Hawaii).

For many years he continues to guide dive groups enthusiastically – and introduce many to the beautiful underwater world. He usually takes his underwater camera with him to capture photos and videos of the incredible marine life.

Last Sunday, his divers requested to see a shark which prompted the boat captain to park the boat at the dive site “Suck’m’up”. The underwater topography there is spectacular with an underwater lava tube in shallow water. A whitetip reef shark is also often seen right at the entry.

Let me turn it over to Daniel to tell the story of what happened next…

(I recommend to read the post first, and then watch the video via Daniel Windberg’s Facebook page – you can also click on the video image below to directly view!)


Hahaha, what a hilarious moment!!

Even though he is a professional guide with countless hours underwater using his camera, Daniel accidentally missed the whale shark swimming by while he concentrated on filming the much smaller frogfish.

The underwater world is full of beautiful surprises. You just never know what is going to swim by at any moment! 🙂

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