How Do Mantas Interact with other Marine Life? [video]

by | Apr 20, 2020 | About Manta Rays, Marine Life in Hawaii

Are manta rays aggressive?” and “Do manta rays interact with other marine life?” belong to the most frequently asked questions we get during preparation for the manta swim.

Mantas do not have teeth, a stinger, or a barb. Their defense from predators is to “swim away fast” which in itself is a great way of conflict resolution humans can learn from – especially during this unfortunate time of the Coronavirus in Hawaii and worldwide.

But you might still wonder what happens when mantas – true carriers of kindness – interact or encounter other sea life.

I love diving into our archive and in this video blog post we explore the question, “How do manta rays interact with other sea life?”

Watch the video: Manta Rays meeting other Marine Life in Hawaii

This fun and informative 12-minute video has some spectacular scenes and you will discover:

  • [0:53] – How Hawaiian Flagtail fish, Vinny Ray and Lefty get along
  • [2:09] – If Vallaray is a “fan” of jellyfish, or not
  • [3:00] – How “Frank”, the undulated moray eel interacts with the mantas
  • [5:47] – If white tip reef sharks need to be feared
  • [6:53] – How a Hawaiian Monk Seal “crashed” the manta experience and a diver missed out on his once-in-a-lifetime moment
  • [8:48] – What Hawaiian spinner and bottlenose dolphins do when they encounter manta rays

If you ever wondered what’s going on underneath the surface, then this video is a must-watch! Take a quick break, get neutrally buoyant and enjoy some underwater inspiration.

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