Greta Thunberg Age 16 Visits US to Campaign for Change

by | Sep 15, 2019 | Ocean Advocacy

We received a lot of joyful comments and feedback when we shared that celebrity musician Robbie Williams and his wife Ayda Field joined the manta experience. It was wonderful to see them excited and in awe of the mantas, and also being tagged and mentioned on their Instagram accounts.

Even after going viral with “Dolphin Rescue Hawaii” in 2013, it’s still mind-boggling how fast a good message can spread around the world through social media and we certainly love when more light is shined on the manta rays!


Another great example of the power of sharing important messages and to bring awareness and education to the world is Greta Thunberg age 16.

I am simply in awe of this young Swedish woman who is credited with raising global awareness of the risks posed by global warming and climate change (Wikipedia) which already affects every single one of us.

Greta’s first school strike in front of the Swedish Parliament was just 13 months ago (August 2018). Since then she received multiple honors and awards and is a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize. She speaks bluntly and direct, in part because of Asperger syndrome.

It’s her “superpower” as her words are clear, determined, honest and with no frills. It gets people’s attention.

Greta refuses to fly for environmental reasons and recently arrived in the US via a zero-emissions Atlantic crossing on a racing yacht. Now she is being interviewed by major US outlets – so refreshing to see!

Check out this inspiring Greta Thunberg interview with Trevor Noah:

Greta’s message is simple, “No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference”. This encouragement from a teenager aligns 100% with our efforts to make the manta rays world a better place.

The gentle giants touch people’s heart through their beauty and grace.

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P.S. According to Wikipedia the “Greta Thunberg Effect” doubled the number of children’s books being published all aimed at empowering young people to save the planet. If you would like to educate a child about our work, discover our children’s book “Notch, the Rescued Dolphin” – it is based on a true story!


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