A Celebrity Joins the Manta Experience

by | Sep 1, 2019 | Ocean Advocacy

Most often manta rays are described as “the Angels of the Sea” and what a thrill it was last week when we realized that the famous English singer-songwriter of the hit “Angels” – celebrity Robbie Williams – along with his wife American actress Ayda Field would be joining our manta experience.

(If you’re from the US and not as familiar with Robbie’s career and popularity in Europe, he has 5 million followers on Facebook, 2.5 million on Twitter, and 2 million on Instagram!)

O M G, it was so very exciting for many reasons:


We were already fully booked when the request came in to join us, but somehow we managed to pull off an extra session later in the night. Often the manta rays leave the area around 9 PM but not that evening and 7x individuals danced around us. Watch the video with Robbie’s close up to Gita Ray and make sure to turn on the audio to hear Ayda’s joyful giggles 🙂


There was a higher probability to see jelly fish (happens once a month!) but we did not have any…PUUH – can you imagine Robbie or his beautiful wife Ayda with nasty jelly fish stings!!


It turned out that our instructor Kerstin is the BIGGEST fan of Robbie! She had been to several Robbie Williams concerts and bought souvenirs that she dreamed to be autographed one day.

Before she left for work that evening her husband Daniel was teasing, “You are too shy to ask for a signature” – but this turned into beautiful motivation to ask anyway and she got it!


Thanks to Ayda and her incredible 500,000+ followers on Instagram (@aydafieldwilliams), a stunning 70,000 people have watched and commented on the video that is included here. She wrote

“Robbie Williams and I decided to night snorkel with the manta rays. Yes, that’s @robbiewilliams , Man From The North, wearing no wet suit. And me, nervously laughing as, Gita, the manta ray, got up close and personal with us. It was one of the most incredible experiences and manta rays are definitely the gentle giants of the ocean. And even though Gita The Manta Ray will never read this post, we would like to thank her for taking such good care of us in her home #mantaray #mantalove#naturesfinest 🌊 AWxx”

We love how Robbie and Ayda have made a difference for the manta rays by posting to their social media about their adventure. All efforts for ocean education and awareness are appreciated and always remember…

We can all make a difference

You don’t have to be a celebrity to make a difference for ocean advocacy.  Check out the update on How to Protect Mako Sharks – they have now received international protection through CITES thanks to you!


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